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Thornes Facade Continues Slowly but Surely in Northampton

NORTHAMPTON – The new awning at Thornes Marketplace is still a few weeks away, but denizens of downtown Northampton should be warned that it match the original one. That one, an iconic green awning in place since the since the 1980s, came down at the beginning of the month as part of a facelift for the indoor mall’s exterior. The owners of Thornes plan to install a new sign in tall metallic letters that will resemble the one of McCallum’s Department Store, which occupied the site for more than a century before it was sold and made into the multi-shop indoor mall that is Thornes.

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August 18th, 2014|Press Room|

Landmark Green Awning at Thornes in Northampton to Come Down as Part of Exterior Renovation

NORTHAMPTON — The landmark green awning that’s been in place for three decades at Thornes Marketplace downtown will come down Monday morning as part of an exterior renovation project designed to give the shopping center a fresh look. In a nod to the past, the new facade is designed to look like the old McCallum’s department store that operated at the same 150 Main St. spot downtown for more than a century before it closed in 1974.

August 2nd, 2014|Press Room|

Thornes Marketplace to Improve Facade

 NORTHAMPTON — For decades, Thornes Marketplace has offered shelter to shoppers within and to pedestrians without. On Monday, the collection of stores will begin putting new face to its exterior. The iconic green awning on Main Street, a Thornes fixture since the 1980s, is in disrepair and needs to be replaced, the owners said Friday in a press release. While they’re at it, Thornes will install a new sign that harks back to the one on McCallum’s Department Store, which occupied the site for more than a century until it was sold and became the multi-shop indoor mall that is Thornes.
August 1st, 2014|Press Room|

Django in June Musicians to Play at Thornes

Northampton’s reputation as a vibrant artistic hub is well known. From Four Sundays in February, the annual wintertime extravaganza that showcases some of the best local and college talent, to Arts Night Out, the monthly evening that celebrates creative works, the city is brimming with artistic offerings. While some may already be familiar with this side of Northampton, what you probably don’t know is that this scene also includes “Django in June,” a unique, lesser-known summer event that’s fast approaching and is not to be missed.

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June 10th, 2014|Press Room|

Verizon Plans 4G LTE Antennas for Thornes Marketplace Rooftop

NORTHAMPTON — Downtown Northampton will soon be saturated with 4G LTE wireless service, thanks to a bank of Bell Atlantic-Verizon Mobile antennas planned for the rooftop of Thornes Marketplace at 150 Main St. The antenna plan gained unanimous Planning Board approval May 24, after a presentation by Verizon officials and a discussion about the project’s visual impact.

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June 2nd, 2014|Press Room|

Family Business Owners Say Relationships, Openness Keys to Success

NORTHAMPTON — Nate Sustick, general manager of Paul and Elizabeth’s restaurant in Northampton, said he is grateful for the open-mindedness his parents showed when he joined the business that bears their names. After graduating with a business degree from UMass in 2001, Sustick began working full time at the restaurant his parents opened in 1978 in Thorne’s Marketplace in downtown Northampton. As head chef, he was eager to update the restaurant’s vegetarian menu to include more complex dishes using local ingredients.

May 29th, 2014|Press Room|

Thornes Hosts 6th Annual Best Buddies Fashion Show

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WGGB) – Fashion was the name of the game for “Best Buddies” of Western Massachusetts Thursday night. They held their 6th Annual Fashion Show at Thornes Marketplace in Northampton and invited ABC 40 to check it out. “This is an event to showcase not just our friendships that we have going on in the Valley, but also the local support that we have here in Thornes,” said Isa Deloge, Best Buddies of Western Mass.

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April 18th, 2014|Press Room|

Downturn Nibbled at Valley Restaurants’ Health

NORTHAMPTON —  History isn’t certain whether Napoleon or Frederick the Great of Prussia coined the phrase “An army marches on its stomach,” but the meaning itself is clear: An armed force is a lot more effective when it’s well-fed. It might be a stretch to say the economy marches on its stomach, but the health of the economy is often reflected in the restaurant business. According to the Massachusetts Restaurant Association, about 300,000 people — some 10 percent of the state’s workforce — are employed in serving food and beverage.

February 20th, 2014|Press Room|

City’s Streets, Thornes Hopping for First Night

NORTHAMPTON — Despite nippy temperatures, revelers of all ages packed the city’s downtown streets and venues to ring in the new year Tuesday night. First Night Northampton 2014, the citywide New Year’s Eve celebration, was in full swing by mid-afternoon as families with small children headed in droves to see acts from performers such as Henry the Juggler, Ed the Balloon Man and Hoopoe the Clown.

January 29th, 2014|Press Room|

Steve Herrell, Ice Cream Pioneer, To Cut Back Presence at Northampton Store

NORTHAMPTON – After the first of the year ice cream aficionados will still see “smoosh in” ice cream pioneer Steve Herrell in Herrell’s Ice Cream tinkering with equipment, perfecting a new flavor or meeting and greeting customers. What they won’t see is Steve Herrell, who turns 70 in April, accepting supply deliveries, rotating stock, replacing light bulbs, fussing over employee schedules or doing a lot of the other mundane day-to-day work of owning a business. Herrell, starting Wednesday, is taking a year-long sabbatical as he transitions to retirement.

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December 31st, 2013|Press Room|