Acme Surplus

Acme Surplus

Acme Surplus has been selling discounted brand name merchandise since 1980: stationery/office supplies, health and beauty aids, Jansport backpacks, hardware and housewares, greeting cards, batteries, picture frames, socks, tshirts, and so much more.

Lower Level 1


Cedar Chest


Cedar Chest

Gifts for your home + body + heart. Extensive selection of bath & body care products, including Clinique and Origins, as well as women’s fashion accessories on Level 1. Gifts for home, kitchen, entertaining, garden and kids on a newly remodeled Level 2.

Level 1, Level 2


Little Blue


Little Blue...for the younger crew

Little Blue… for the younger crew, has an exceptional selection of hand picked gift and clothing options for children. Following the lead of our flag ship store The Blue Marble, Little Blue is especially focused on sustainable, organic and ethically sourced options for your young people, including minimally processed natural rubber toys, Fair Trade alpaca critters and locally made clothes with a twist.

Level 1

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